Earlier this year, the Planning Commission of the city of Richfield, Minnesota unanimously approved the opening of a new restaurant; Flynn’s at 66th and Penn. Time flew by rather quickly and soon enough, this restaurant which started off as in infant idea would be launched in full force.

Old Bruegger’s building

Image: Old Bruegger’s building

Flynn’s would be going into the old Bruegger’s building which used to be a ‘not-so-pleasant’ site, after being abandoned for several years. Thanks to Flynn’s, the mouldy awnings are now long gone and the building has been renovated to suit its strategic seat at the corner of two of the busiest roads in the area.

Flynn’s is set to launch on the 14th of September, 2018 and serve casual foods such as burgers, sandwiches, fries and ice cream. However, unlike a fast-food or a regular dine-in restaurant, this Diner would serve fresh food made fast upon the customer’s order.

New Flynn's Building

Image: New Flynn’s Building

Alas! Flynn’s will bring back life to a once neglected building, thereby creating a more ambient arena while providing fresh, tasty meals to members of the community as well as passers-by.

Flynn’s Diner is the name, 6600 Penn Ave S Richfield, Minnesota is the location and Friday, 14th of September is the date. Come one, come all!