As you may have already noticed, the building on 66th and Penn of Richfield purposed to be a retro diner took its signs down last week. The sign “Frango Diner” was taken down after our decision to rebrand to “Flynns Diner”. This decision came with a lot of thought and consideration.

We initially chose the name “Frango”, the Portuguese word for chicken, for our diner, as we are planning on serving Portuguese Chicken as one of our specialities. However several events lead to correspondence with the owners of the Frango Mints of Chicago who own the trademark “Frango”.  After thorough discussions with the owners of the Frango trademark (ie, Frango Chocolate), we came to a conclusion that it was best to rebrand the diner, in order to avoid any confusions with the “Frango” brand owned by Pine & State LLC.

We are making conscious efforts to speed up all the processes involved with this name change so that the diner will be opened as soon as possible. We have now completed our remodeling and kitchen expansion. We are currently in the process of hiring, training, and setting up our services.  We went through a major kitchen design change that delayed our opening. We now have a more advanced, and expanded kitchen with extra cooking capacity.

We would love to sincerely thank the entire neighborhood and everyone at large for their patience and support as we look forward to opening our doors to the public.

Flynn’s Diner Management